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About Spencer McRae

Spencer McRae is a property services business offering a broad range of expertise to both owners and occupiers with retail as a key focus across multiple sectors. Our expertise includes strategic planning, management, project delivery, leasing services and recruitment.

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Spencer McRae are Sydney Based Property Consultants offering over 35 years industry experience.

Harnessing skills across multiple platforms, our diverse range of clients are given independent and expert advice, assisting them delivering their goals from beginning to end.

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We have expertise across all aspects of shopping centre and general property management, from day to day business operation and marketing to development and implementation of strategic business planning including project delivery.



Working closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their needs, we focus on delivering solutions that optimise returns based on an understanding of market trends and business requirements.

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Identifying opportunities, we construct plans to implement agreed solutions. We have the experience and ability to bring together the broad range of disciplines required to deliver a fully considered and effective outcome.